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Cheltenham Bathroom Renovation

Cheltenham Bathroom, an award-nominated bathroom and laundry located in South East Melbourne is being featured In Melbourne’s Kitchen & Bathroom publication for its captivating, simplistic and clean edge style.

Our clients explained their scope of having a firm and functional use but yet modern looking bathroom to meet there needs of a new young family. The goal was simple with extending both the bathroom and laundries areas to a larger open plan feel, so we put pen to paper to create some exquisite designs. Implementing the project came with the expected challenges but there was no shying away from this project.

This 70’s brick veneer home had a low-quality extension built for the laundry area that gave it a vintage feel. Working with a set goal in mind to give our clientele the best, we started from the scratch having alter and modify the extension building and then start afresh from the ground up to obtain the straight clean look the clients were after – a 21st century standardised bathroom and laundry.

Moving on with the project involved moving walls of the adjoining separate toilet room to create a new and bigger space for the bathroom which extends into the kitchen area. Alluring to the eye is the finished product being delivered with feature tiles on walls alongside dark shade coloured floor tiles meeting the rear walls and flowing upwards to the ceiling which gives the room a more surreal feel. Contrasting this is the opposite walls with subtle depth using Spital Triangle tiles. This was complemented by new double-glazed windows that provide a rectangular shaped aperture that produces the adequate amount of light needed for the rooms.  The bathroom was fitted with a beautiful free standing bath and a glass partitioned walk-in shower area which was equipped with a water-saving shower system. Accompanying the bespoke cabinetry and stone platforms that allows for a double sink is the circle shaped mirrors at comfortable heights. LED light strips in shower and bath niches were fitted in the room to provide elegant lighting and overall luxury feel.

Opposite to the other side of the room is the modernly styled toilet, a set of cabinets with stone finish and the washing machine. The cabinets were raised some inches above the ground to avoid damping and the stone platform also allowed for an inverted L-shaped tap and a sink at one edge. At the middle of the cabinetry is a frontload automated washing machine. Another double-glazed window which is wider than the other was placed just above the cabinets. Complimenting this side, was another set of cabinets above the window. All in all, the modern fittings and furniture that furnished the bathroom and laundry gave it all a futuristic feel that is suitable for a family.

With so many details on this renovation to mention, We ended up delivering this bathroom within our clients budget and on time that left our clients were satisfied. This attests to our adept renovation work throughout Melbourne have made our services something to reckon with across Australia.

Scope of Works

Floor Replacement
Suspended Ceilings
Floor to ceiling tiling
Wall Removal and relocation
New Windows
Interior Painting
Custom Cabinetry
Walk in showers
Stone bench tops
Heating throughout
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